Jun 2017

On the outside things looked great: college grad, amazing family, a career I was passionate about. But on the inside, I was trapped in comparison, people pleasing, and a wavering self-worth based on my physical appearance, résumé accomplishments, and attention from guys. I was aching to be noticed and wanting to be liked, because that’s where I found my value. I was exhausted trying to “keep face” and make MY dreams and plans happen. When a serious hip injury took away what I thought was THE ultimate joy, dancing on stage, I......

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Jan 2017

Hi, I’m Laura and I hope to become a continual encourager. To encourage means to “give support, confidence or hope to someone.” Looking back on my life, I vividly remember the people who encouraged me at different times and can see how much I grew as a result. God has put encouragement on my heart and I want to be intentional about sharing uplifting words with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I seek to be in tune with the people God brings into my life. I want to get to know......

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