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What is Lion’s Table?

A unique opportunity to host private dinners and feature influential speakers who are leaders in their faith and communities in order to equip, empower, and connect leaders in our network. The purpose of the dinner is to provide an intimate setting for these speakers and known leaders to reach and empower young adults to become selfless leaders in their city as well as to offer a unique opportunity for the dinner attendees to network amongst themselves.

We look forward to dining with you at the Lion’s Table.

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Lion’s table was a truly incredible night. I felt like I had been a bit stagnant in my faith lately, and I do think this really helped revitalize me.

Testimonial David Ford
David Ford
Lion's Table attendee

It was a wonderful, inspiring evening am I am very thankful I was apart of it. It was by no mistake that God made it possible for me to attend.

Testimonial Christine Simon
Christine Simon
Lion's Table attendee


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