Tag: human trafficking

Mar 2017

This year I’ve experienced a series of events that I consider not to be coincidence. In January, I had a sudden desire to watch the movie “Taken”. I had seen the second part, and I was intrigued to watch the original one. After I watched it, I had a holy anger and my heart was heavy. Then Christine Caine preached at my church the weekend before we did Underground in Houston. She is the founder of A21, a social organization that rescues people from sexual trafficking. Finally, the weekend we went to......

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Feb 2017

What do you hear Christ calling you to become? This question caused me to consider a strong desire that had been pressed on me throughout a weekend full of evangelism and prayer; a desire to become a servant of Christ who is always listening to His voice, filled with his Word, and attentive to His guidance. It was all too easy for me this weekend to become overwhelmed with the depravity and brokenness of this world as we were exposed to the horrific realities of human trafficking in our country, specifically in......

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